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Approved by the Board on: 21 November 2014

Privileges and Immunities

  1. The Board acknowledges:
    1. The absence of privileges and immunities exposes the Global Fund’s resources, staff and mission to serious risks and challenges;
    2. The importance of States, particularly implementing country governments, to accord privileges and immunities to the Global Fund through either applying domestic legislation or executing the Board-endorsed multilateral Agreement on Privileges and Immunities; and
    3. The Secretariat’s efforts to require host-country grantees to take all appropriate and necessary actions to ensure the Global Fund is accorded privileges and immunities within three years from the effective date of a Framework Agreement signed between the Global Fund and host-country grantees.
  2. To further ensure progress in protecting the Global Fund through privileges and immunities, the Board requests:
    1. The Secretariat to dedicate required resources for the acquisition of privileges and immunities for the Global Fund;
    2. The Finance and Operational Performance Committee and the Audit and Ethics Committee to oversee jointly the acquisition of privileges and immunities for the Global Fund, and report to the Board on an annual basis on implementing and donor countries that have and have not provided such protection to the Global Fund; and
    3. The Board Leadership to constitute a dedicated group of donor and implementer representatives to identify strategies and advocate for the acquisition of privileges and immunities for the Global Fund.

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