Approved by the Board on: 16 November 2015

Strategic Review 2015

1. Based on the recommendation of the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (the "SIIC"), the Board:

a. Acknowledges the results and recommendations of the Strategic Review 2015 commissioned by the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (the "TERG"), as presented in GF/B34/10;

b. Requests the Secretariat to consider the TERG's recommendations as it prepares the final strategy narrative that will be presented for the SIIC to review and recommend to the Board for approval by the first Board meeting in 2016; and

c. Requests the Secretariat to provide the SIIC with its response to the TERG's recommendations in relation to the current strategic period.

2. The Board also notes its appreciation for the TERG and its evaluation team for their work to commission and produce the Strategic Review 2015.