Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 10 October 2002

Approval of MEFA Decisions

  1. The Global Fund Board decided to adopt the decision points requested by the Working Group on Monitoring and Evaluation and ask the M.E.F.A Committee to report back to the Board on progress on their implementation at the meeting of the Board in January, 2003.
    1. The Board instructed the Secretariat to prepare annual action plans for monitoring and evaluation of the Global Fund’s performance, and instruct the M.E.F.A. Committee to present a plan appropriate to its mandate as agreed by the Board;
    2. The Board endorsed the principles of transparency, consultation with stakeholders and coordination of monitoring and evaluation efforts to facilitate optimal use of existing partner capacity, while satisfying the needs of major donors and their internal auditing requirements;
    3. The Board reaffirmed the importance of linking results to an appropriate disbursement schedule and annual results reviews, and instructed the Secretariat to include results-reporting templates in grant agreements with PRs, ensuring PRs clearly understand the concept of Results Based Disbursement;
    4. The Board instructed the Secretariat to operationalize an approach for results reviews, which includes a provision for annual results reviews, review criteria, and a strengthening of information systems making this reporting feasible;
    5. The Board instructed the Secretariat to clarify the role and responsibilities of CCMs, PRs, LFAs and the Fund Secretariat regarding monitoring and reporting within the context of the fiduciary architecture of the Global Fund;
    6. The Board instructed the Secretariat to define quality assurance in the context of the Fund’s mission, and identify mechanisms for ensuring data quality;
    7. The Board endorsed the need to set budgetary parameters for monitoring and evaluation at the Fund level and to reconfirm the need for grant proposals to include budgets for monitoring and evaluation.
  2. The Board directs the M.E.F.A. Committee to review the recommendation that there be an independent secretariat in the field of monitoring and evaluation and to report on this matter to the January, 2003 Board meeting
  3. The Board directs the M.E.F.A. Committee to consider the need for periodic focused external audits of the performance of the Global Fund, or aspects of the Global Fund, and to bring recommendations to the Board in January 2003.