Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 31 January 2003

Report of the Portfolio Management and Procurement Committee: Portfolio Management: TRP Renewal

The PMPC in order to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the TRP and to have a good proportional balance among the different experts recommends that:

  • TRP membership should be expanded from 22 to 25 members, by adding 3 cross cutting experts.
  • The new membership should consist of 11 cross-cutters, 7 HIV/AIDS experts, 4 Malaria experts and 3 TB experts. While there is to be a maximum of 25 members of the TRP and 11 members must be cross-cutters, the chair and vice chair of the TRP may, at their discretion, adjust the number of experts from the different fields of disease expertise, with reference to the proposals submitted and the needs of the TRP.
  • The current Chair and Vice-Chair retain their positions as Chair and Vice-Chair and the 5 members who joined for Round 2 retain their positions on the panel on a voluntary basis
  • The remaining 18 seats be filled through an open, transparent, criteria-based selection process
  • 7 of the seats be reserved for original members who may reapply (assuming 7 or more of them do so). If more than 7 reapply, those performing best against the criteria will be selected
  • Members of the Secretariat are ineligible to serve as TRP experts
  • Board/Alternate/Focal Points and CCM members must stand down from these roles if selected
  • Members would serve in their personal capacities
  • A qualified member from the PLWA (Persons Living with AIDS) community should be actively recruited among applicants.
  • Following TRP renewal, approximately one-third of the TRP members will be rotated each year. Members appointed from 2003 onwards will be appointed to serve a term of three years.
  • By April 2003, the PMPC and the Executive Director will recommend to the Board the candidates for the TRP for approval. The PMPC may decide to call on external and/or multi-lateral agencies (WJHO, UNAIDS, World Bank) for assistance as required. Further working methods will be developed on the 28thof January 2003.
  • By the 3rdround of TRP 64% of the TRP members will be new in comparison to the TRP appointed in March 2002
  • TRP members must not attend Board or Committee meetings as members of their constituency

Staff from multilateral organizations will be allowed to serve on the TRP.