Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 17 October 2003

Comprehensive Funding Policy

The Board approved the following decisions:

Decision Point 1

Resource-mobilization should use a periodic replenishment model on a voluntary basis for all public donors, complemented by additional ad hoc contributions for all donors, including new public donors, the private sector, and individuals.

Decision Point 2

TRP-recommended proposals should be approved up to the total of resources available.

Decision Point 3

Proposals are approved for the entire term of the proposal (up to five years) with a financial commitment for the initial two years with the possibility of renewal for up to an additional three years, with the following conditions: 

a. The Board may approve proposals and commit funds for two years up to the cumulative uncommitted amount pledged through the calendar year of the Board decision;

b. A sufficient amount of assets to meet the full cost of two years of implementation of approved grants must be deposited with the Trustee or readily available on demand prior to the Secretariat signing a grant agreement;

c.    Based on successful implementation of a grant, funding beyond its first 2 years receives priority over the funding of new proposals;

d. No funds for appeals should be reserved. Successful appeals should be funded immediately if resources are available or as soon as new resources become available. 

Decision Point 4

Both cash and demand public promissory notes should be considered as assets. 

Decision Point 5

The Board will announce a minimum of one Call for Proposals per calendar year.

The Board can adjust this based on need and on resources available. 

A forecast of the resources available for the Round will be announced at the time that the Call for Proposals is issued. 

Decision Point 6

At the final Board meeting of each year, beginning with the 2004 budget, the Global Fund will forecast resources and estimate demand for the next year. 

This estimate will show clearly the funds available for commitment. 

This estimate should be attached to the annual budget.

This estimate should be updated at each Board meeting. 

Decision Point 7

Technical merit will be the criteria used to determine proposal approval.

The Technical Review Panel should refine its recommendations in category 2 in a way that will facilitate the Board's prioritization of proposals for approval. 

If it is necessary to further prioritize within these sub-categories, the following additional criteria will be used by the Board: poverty, disease burden, repeated failures for the same component and other criteria which the Board deems appropriate. 

Decision Point 8

The Board will not partially approve components. 

Decision Point 9

The Secretariat will work with the Trustee, the MEFA Committee, and other partners such as WHO and UNAIDS to develop financial models that provide regular estimates of resources available for commitment and of demand for Global Fund financing, to be presented to the Board at its seventh meeting. 

Decision Point 10

The Secretariat will work with the Trustee and the MEFA Committee to determine the specific criteria on promissory notes to be considered as assets, to be presented to the Board at its seventh meeting.

Decision Point 11

The Secretariat will work with the MEFA Committee and with PMPC to determine the process for the extension of two-year grants, to be presented to the Board at its seventh meeting. 

Decision Point 12

The Secretariat will work with PMPC to operationalize the principles for prioritization among TRP-recommended proposals, to be presented to the Board at its seventh meeting. 

Decision Point 13

The Secretariat will work with the MEFA Committee to identify a set of indicators for assessing the performance of the Global Fund's financial policies, to be presented to the Board at its seventh meeting.