Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 17 October 2003

Round 4: Funding Forecast, Timing and Renewal of Guidelines

  1. The Board requests the PMPC, with the support of the Secretariat, WHO, and UNAIDS to revise the Guidelines for Proposals for the Fourth Round and subsequent Rounds as needed, including taking account of the principles of harmonization.
  2. The Secretariat should track in their financial projections the pledges as defined by the donor.
  3. The Fourth Call for Proposal will be launched onJanuary 10, 2004.
  4. The Board will approve Round 4 proposals at its June Board Meeting.
  5. The Board reasserts the principles of the governing policy of the Global Fund, asks each stakeholder of the Global Fund to deploy every possible effort to increase the resources available for 2004, and subsequent years and requests that donors specify before the end of 2003 their contributions for 2004.
  6. The PMPC will revise the guidelines for proposals by January 1 with input from all Board Members.