Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 17 October 2003

Resource Mobilization and Communication Committee

  1. The Board approved that the RMCC and the PMPC form a joint working group to develop proposals on the issue of in-kind donations.
  2. The RMCC will urgently develop a resource mobilization strategy, in full consultation with other partners, consistent with the comprehensive funding policy to raise funds sufficient to meet future needs. This strategy will include the sustainable mechanism for the agreed voluntary replenishment process.
  3. The Secretariat working closely with the RMCC will develop a workplan to implement this strategy.
  4. The RMCC and Secretariat will call upon outside experts to advise and assist them in the design and implementation of this strategy and workplan.
  5. The RMCC will report by one month before each Board Meeting on the Global Fund's progress in implementing this strategy.