Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 30 June 2004

Technical Review Panel: Round 4

Decision Point 1:

The Board approves for funding the proposals recommended by the Technical Review Panel, and according to the categories listed below, with the clear understanding that budgets requested are upper ceilings rather than final budgets and the Secretariat should report to the Board the results of the negotiations with Principal Recipients on the final budget for acknowledgement (Report of the Technical Review Panel and the Secretariat on Round Four Proposals: Annex II).

  • Category 1: Recommended proposals with no or minor clarifications, which should be met within 4 weeks and given the final approval by the TRP Chair and/or Vice-Chair.
  • Category 2: Recommended proposals provided clarifications are met within a limited timeframe (the initial reply to TRP clarifications should be received within 6 weeks of the applicant's receipt of the initial decision of the Board, and any further clarifications should be completed within 4 months from the receipt of the initial reply from the applicant). The TRP Chair and/or Vice-Chair shall give final approval based on consultations with the primary and secondary reviewers
  • Category 3: Not recommended in their present form but are encouraged to resubmit.
  • Category 4: Not recommended for funding.

Decision Point 2:

The Board acknowledges the lessons learned by the Secretariat and the TRP during the Round 4 process and requests the PMPC to further consider the Report of the TRP and to recommend specific actions to address the issues raised by the TRP, and to address the length of time TRP members are permitted to serve on the TRP at the Ninth Board Meeting.