Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 30 June 2004

Timeframes for Grant Agreements

Decision Point 1:

The Board recommends that a maximum time limit is needed for a proposal to result in one or a few grant agreements to set performance incentives for all actors involved in this process. This includes the Secretariat, the TRP, LFAs, CCMs and PRs, with responsibilities to be clearly defined. Based on these specified responsibilities, all actors are accountable for completing the necessary work between Board approval of a proposal and grant agreement signing as swiftly as possible.

There are no material budgetary implications for this decision point.

Decision Point 2:

The Board recommends that the normal time from Board approval of a proposal to grant agreement signing should be approximately 6 months. If a grant agreement has not been signed 12 months after Board approval, the proposal should no longer be considered approved unless the Board decides to allow a further exceptional time extension based on information received from the Secretariat and CCMs. This time extension will be limited to a maximum of 3 months.

Based on further experiences with Global Fund processes, the Secretariat will provide improved estimates on the time required to complete the work between Board approval and grant signing to MEFA before the November Board meeting. At this time, the Boarf may decide to shorten the maximum time limit specified in decision point 2.

The resources allocated to a Board-approved proposal that has no signed grant agreement within the specified time period shall be made available for other priority uses according to the Global Fund financial policies.

This policy shall not apply for Rounds 1 and 2.

There are no material budgetary implications for this decision point.

Decision Point 3:

The Board recommends that the Secretariat analyze possible implications for proposals approved in Round 3 for which grant agreements have not been signed within the maximum time limit specified.