Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 30 June 2004

Continuation of Phase 2 Funding (Report of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Finance and Audit Committee (MEFA))

Revised Decision Point 4:

The Board recognizes the importance of sustaining ongoing treatment, as well as prevention, care and support services.

The Board requests the Secretariat urgently to explore internal mechanisms and to work with partners to develop options for the continuity of services through broader country partnerships associated with common national strategic framework for the three diseases. The Board requests the Secretariat to report back to MEFA, PMPC and the Ethics Committee on these issues in time for the development of recommendations by the Ninth Board Meeting.

Up to the Ninth Board Meeting, Secretariat priority shall be given to addressing issues related to discontinuation of treatment within Global Fund grant programs

Budgetary implications of this decision point:

The additional cost of implementing this decision is approximately US $67,500.

Decision Point 5:

With regard to the legal concerns and fiduciary policy constraints raised by some Board Constituencies, the Board decides to revisit the issue of approval authority of the agreed procedure for decision making on Phase 2 renewals.

MEFA, in cooperation with the PMPC, is requested to explore options for incorporating in the agreed Phase 2 renewal process provision for the exercise by the Board of an appropriate decision making role that meets legal and fiduciary policy requirements of Board constituencies and make recommendations to the Ninth Board Meeting.

As an interim arrangement, the Board authorizes the Secretariat to extend the terms of grants up to six months for those grants where Phase 2 decision is required prior to the Ninth Board Meeting, and to provide bridge funding for such grants as appropriate based on program needs during this extension period. The Board approves an amount of up to USD 30 million to be used for this purpose.

Decision Point 6:

The Board recognizes the urgent need to allow recipients to change to new, more expensive artemisinin-based combination therapy in line with the latest scientific evidence, following the recommendations of the malaria experts of the Technical Review Panel.

As an interim measure, the Board authorizes the Secretariat to commit as necessary up to USD 90 million for the projected costs of reprogramming 28 programs, which would be financed by utilizing resources from the Phase 2 renewal funding of these programs.

The Board requests PMPC to consider the issue of reprogramming in the context of changing scientific evidence, and report back to the Ninth Board Meeting.

Budgetary Implications

The additional cost of implementing this decision is approximately US $67,500.