Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 19 November 2004

Reprogramming in the light of scientific evidence

Decision Point 1

The Board decides to use the following language in its decisions for the approval of Category 1 and 2 proposals in order to recognize that the Secretariat may ask the Technical Review Panel to re-review proposals in the course of implementation:

"This approval is subject to re-review by the Technical Review Panel if, after consultation with the recipient but in the sole discretion of the Global Fund, changes in scientific evidence (as identified in collaboration with WHO and other technical partners) materially affect the proposal."

The Board further decides that following such re-review, should the TRP recommend that, in light of the new scientific evidence, the approach taken in the proposal should be changed, the Board should reconsider the approval of the proposal. The recipient will have the opportunity to submit a revised version of the relevant parts of the proposal prior to the Board's decision.

There are no material budgetary implications for this decision point. 

Decision Point 2

The Board expands the circumstances in which the Phase 2 decision-making process can be accelerated by modifying the existing decision on the Phase 2 process, as set forth in GF/B8/2, page 7, to read as follows:

"The decision may be taken earlier in cases of (i) accelerated implementation; (ii) severe exchange rate fluctuations; or (iii) additional financing needs resulting from changes in scientific evidence."

There are no material budgetary implications for this decision point.