Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 22 April 2005

Country Coordinating Mechanisms

Decision Point 1

The Board approves the changes to the CCM Guidelines regarding CCM oversight of implementation, as outlined in GF/B10/7, Annex 3.

Decision Point 2

The Board requests the Secretariat to work closely with partners (multi/bilateral partners, private sector and others) to facilitate and coordinate the provision of resources to support CCM secretariat functioning.

In countries where partner support for CCMs is not available, the Board approves the use of grant funds to provide CCM support, provided that funding is limited to two-years and meets the terms and conditions set out in Part 2 (para.16) of GF/B10/7. The Board requests the Secretariat to widely communicate this decision point to all stakeholders.

Decision Point 3

The Board approves the revised text of paragraph 19 as outlined in GF/B10/7, Annex 3 (see below).

Revised text of paragraph 19

Para 19: The Secretariat will take specific steps to collect information on the functioning of CCMs and to disseminate this information. Individual CCM members are free to communicate their views on design or implementation issues with other CCM colleagues or with the Secretariat, on a confidential basis if necessary, to register problems and complaints, and identify weaknesses in CCM functioning as described in the principles of the Fund. At the same time, the Fund Portfolio Managers will ensure that this process contributes to promoting true partnership and trust among the CCM members and between the Fund Portfolio Managers and the CCMs. While respecting confidentiality where confidentiality has been requested, portfolio managers would have the right to inform themselves on the issue through queries to other CCM members, and if necessary tasking the LFA to determine the accuracy of the complaint. The Board requests CCMs to work closely with national authorities within the framework of the Three Ones and harmonization efforts.