Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 22 April 2005

Phase 2 Decision Process

Decision Point 1

The Board acknowledges that, in line with the existing Phase 2 policy, the Secretariat may need to take more than 20 months to provide a Phase 2 recommendation to the Board. It therefore decides that in exceptional circumstances the Secretariat may extend, at no cost, the term of Phase 1 grant agreements by up to six months and decides that the Phase 2 Decision-Making Policies and Procedures document, as set out in Annex 6 to Board Document G/B10/8, shall be amended accordingly. The Secretariat shall inform the Board immediately upon taking action under this decision.

Decision Point 2:

The Board directs the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board to establish an ad-hoc task force to review the Phase 2 process and report back to the 11th Board Meeting. The task force should be comprised of members of the Board, the Technical Review Panel, the Chair of the Technical Evaluation Reference Group and the Secretariat.