Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 29 September 2005

Transition from WHO

The Board takes note of the Secretariat's work to date in exploring alternative options to WHO for contracting certain administrative services, undertaken against the objective of "delivering a plan by November 2005 for transition to a fully independent entity" (Executive Director's performance objectives, Arusha, November 2004).

Having regard to the Finance and Audit Committee's request for clarification of the Board's intent with respect to a possible transition from current administrative arrangements with WHO, the Board requests the Secretariat to continue its analysis of advantages and disadvantages of alternative arrangements, including their costs, and report back, providing a proposed implementation plan if appropriate, at the Thirteenth Board meeting.

Budgetary Implications

The budgetarv implications for this decision point are approximately US$160.000. reflecting the negotiated cost of the consulting work involved.