Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 16 December 2005

Round 5 Funding

1. The Board approves for funding, subject to paragraph 2 below, all remaining Round 5 proposals recommended as eligible for funding by the Technical Review Panel ("TRP") listed in Annex VI to the Report of the TRP and the Secretariat on Round 5 Proposals (GF/B11/6) that could not be approved for funding at the Eleventh Board meeting due to resource constraints. 

The Board's approval is for the amount indicated as 'Total 2 Years' in such Annex, and is made with the clear understanding that such amounts are upper ceilings rather than final Phase 1 Grant amounts. The aggregate amount of funding for the proposals approved by this decision shall not exceed US$343,539,127.

2. The Board notes that the Secretariat has previously notified the applicants of the clarifications and adjustments requested by the TRP. These adjustments and clarifications shall be completed within four months from the receipt of the initial reply from the applicant. The Board's approval is conditional on the final approval of the TRP Chair and/or Vice Chair based on consultations with the TRP primary and secondary reviewers.