Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 23 March 2006

Election of the Vice Chair of the Board

1. Election Procedures for Vice Chair

1.1 The Board takes note of the resignation of Ambassador Michel Kazatchkine as the Vice Chair of the Board and recognizes that, pursuant to Articles 7.3 and 12 of the By-laws, his successor as Vice Chair (who completes his term) must be from the donor group described in Article 7.6 of the By-laws.

1.2 The Board further notes that, in accordance with Article 18 of the Board Operating Procedures, the election of the Vice Chair of the Board should normally take place at the 13th Board meeting.

1.3 The Board decides that, in this case, an exception to the Board Operating Procedures is appropriate and that the vote to elect the Vice Chair of the Board shall take place by email vote in accordance with Article 7.6 of the Bylaws.

1.4 The Board notes that the deadline set for the submission of nominations for the position of Vice Chair of the Board is currently 7 April 2006. The Board further notes that the donor group has unanimously supported the nomination of a single candidate for the position of Vice Chair and that such candidate has confirmed her willingness to act as Vice Chair. The Board therefore decides to close the nomination process as of 9 March 2006.

2. Election of Vice Chair

Dr. Lieve Fransen of the European Commission constituency is elected with immediate effect to serve as Vice Chair of the Board for the unexpired term of Ambassador Michel Kazatchkine.