Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 28 April 2006

Funding for Green Light Committee Activities

The Board recognizes the essential service provided by the Green Light Committee as a unique entity that ensures the quality of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis control programs. The Board reaffirms its decision taken at the Third Board Meeting, which requires recipients of Global Fund grants to procure second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs through the Green Light Committee, and recognizes that the Green Light Committee provides a package of services for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis control treatment that cannot be disaggregated. The Board urges the Green Light Committee to develop a proactive resource-mobilization effort to attract other donor funding.

The Board decides that applicants: 

  1. applying for grants with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis control components in Round 6 and beyond; or
  2. submitting a Request for Continued Funding for grants with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis control components as of January 2007,

must include a cost-sharing element for Green Light Committee services. To limit transaction costs, this will be defined by the Secretariat in consultation with the Green Light Committee as a flat rate per grant per year that will not exceed US$ 50,000 per grant per year. This figure is subject to review by the Portfolio Committee. 

The Board requests the Secretariat to explore mechanisms to apply these cost-sharing principles for Green Light Committee services to programs funded by grants in Rounds 1 through 5 that are not already covered by paragraph (a) (ii) of this decision and report back to the Board at the Fourteenth Board Meeting.