Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 28 April 2006

Executive Director Nomination Committee

Decision Point 1:

The Board approves the composition of the Executive Director Nomination Committee to be composed of Carol Jacobs, Lieve Fransen, Carsten Staur, Carol Presern, Jimmy Kolker, Peter Van Rooijen, Urbain Olangena Awono and Ren Minghui.

Decision Point 2:

The Board decides that the Executive Director Nomination Committee shall operate under the following terms of reference:

1. The Nomination Committee shall assist the Board with the selection of the next Executive Director of the Global Fund under an Action Plan approved by the Board. To that end, it shall:

- select an executive search firm, based on a competitive process;

- guide recruitment based on the criteria for selection of the Executive Director that were approved by the Board; and

- oversee the search process.

2. The Nomination Committee shall present a list of 5 candidates to the Board, giving reasons for their assessments which should include the extent to which each candidate fulfils the relevant selection criteria and the candidate's ability to perform the duties of the Executive Director as outlined in the Terms of Reference. 

3. The Nomination Committee shall prepare a decision making process for the Board on the selection of candidate at the Fourteenth Board meeting.

4. Membership in the Committee shall not count towards the two-committee limit set forth in Section 23 of the Board Operating Procedures.