Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 28 April 2006

Executive Director Recruitment Process

Decision Point 1: 

The Board approves the action plan for the recruitment of the Executive Director set forth in Annex 2 to the Report of the Executive Director Transition (GF/B13/14) as revised at the Thirteenth Board meeting.

Decision Point 2:

The timeline set by the Board for the selection of the new Executive Director is based on the expectation that he or she would be able to take office by January 2007. However, given that this is not certain to happen, the Board requests WHO to extend the contract of Professor Feachem to March 31, 2007. The Board acknowledges Professor Feachem's statement that, notwithstanding the end date of his contract, he is able to leave office at the time his successor is ready to assume it, as determined by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board.