Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 07 August 2006

Interim Continuation of Funding Policy

The Board approves the following temporary measure for providing exceptional, time-limited funding (“Exceptional Extension Funding”) to grants that reach the end of their Phase-2 term (“Expiring Grants”).

  • The Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) or, if appropriate, in the case of a non-CCM proposal, the grant applicant that has oversight over the Expiring Grant shall normally make the application for Exceptional Extension Funding of an Expiring Grant.

  • Eligibility for Exceptional Extension Funding will be based on the following criteria:
    • The application for Exceptional Extension Funding must meet the eligibility criteria that apply to new proposals, including, but not limited to, country eligibility criteria and the requirements for CCMs approved by the Global Fund Board;
    • The applicant must not have received approval from the Global Fund Board for a new grant that fully continues the activities of the Expiring Grant;
    • The application must not seek to continue a grant that the Global Fund Secretariat has rated “C” in either of its last two disbursement requests prior to application.

  • The Global Fund Board may provide Exceptional Extension Funding over a period that shall not extend beyond 30 November 2007.
  • The maximum Exceptional Extension Funding the Global Fund Board may grant under this decision shall be determined as follows:
    • the number of months in the period over which the Global Fund Board is to provide Exceptional Extension Funding,
    • multiplied by: the average monthly amount the Principal Recipient (PR) is expected to spend during Phase 2 of the Program, based on the financial information set forth in the Program Budget contained in the grant agreement that covers the Expiring Grant,
    • less: any funds disbursed to the PR under the Expiring Grant agreement that are expected to be unspent or uncommitted at the end of Phase 2 of that grant and which can be employed during the Exceptional Extension Funding period, and any funds available under the Expiring Grant agreement that are expected to remain undisbursed at the end of Phase 2 of that grant and which can be made available during the Exceptional Extension Funding period.

  • In the event the Global Fund Board approves additional funding to cover the same activities as those covered by the Exceptional Extension Funding (such as in a successful Round 6 application), the Secretariat shall adjust either funding so as to avoid duplicative financing of those activities.

  • Applicants can submit a “request for Exceptional Extension Funding” up to six months prior to the end of the term of the Expiring Grant. The Global Fund Secretariat will review the request, and provide a funding recommendation to the Global Fund Board for its approval under the “no-objection” voting procedure set forth in Section 12 of the Board Operating Procedures.

The Global Fund Board shall not approve Exceptional Extension Funding under this decision once the Board has approved, and the Secretariat has brought into operation, the long-term continuation of funding policy that is currently under development.