Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 03 November 2006

Request for Continued Funding for SAF-304-G04-H

The Board recognizes the importance of encouraging countries to actively seek innovative sustainability strategies.

In this context, the Board notes:

  1. the commitment of the Government of South Africa to achieve sustainability of the HIV/AIDS program entitled "Strengthening and Expanding the Western Cape HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programs" (the "Program") by the end of the Phase 2 term, therefore not requiring further Global Fund support for these activities beyond the next four years;
  1. the Program is performing well and is A-rated;
  1. the CCM of South Africa and the Principal Recipient of the grant have committed to achieving or exceeding the targets in the proposal within the originally contemplated five-year term and to appropriate increased targets for the sixth year; and
  1. the CCM of South Africa has not requested additional funding for Phase 2 of the grant beyond that requested in the proposal.

Therefore, the Board authorizes the Secretariat, on an exceptional basis and without setting a precedent, to consider the Request for Continued Funding submitted by the CCM of South Africa for the Round 3 South Africa grant for the Program (Grant Number SAF-304-G04-H) which anticipates a 4-year Phase 2 term. The Board requests the Secretariat to provide by 1 December 2006 a recommendation for continued funding for this grant. Such recommendation shall include a condition for continued funding that the Government of South Africa makes significant counterpart financing contributions to the Program over the next four years.