Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 03 November 2006

Transitions Option Project

The Board endorses Part 1 of the Report of the Finance and Audit Committee (GF/B14/9), and, accordingly, decides to engage in the necessary preparations to discontinue its present Administrative Services Agreement (ASA) with the World Health Organization after appropriate preparations for administrative independence have been made. 

The Board accordingly requests the FAC to work with the Secretariat to present for approval a detailed plan covering such preparations at the April 2007 Board Meeting. The plan shall include proposed measures to be taken prior to termination of the ASA, their costs, and the timeline over which they are intended to occur, and steps to be taken that would safeguard the interests of staff as outlined in paragraph 11 of GF/B14/9. The plan shall be consistent with the principles set forth in GF/B14/9. The Board will make its final decision at the April 2007 Board meeting.

Budgetary Implications

The budgetary implications of this decision point are US$ 300,000 in 2007.