Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 03 November 2006

Staffing Impact of Decisions

The Board recognizes that its decision points require clear directions with respect to interpretation, policy and staffing implications, and directs the Secretariat to incorporate additional staffing needs, in addition to budgetary implications in all its decision points. 

The Board furthermore acknowledges that it has a responsibility for the impact on the workload of the Secretariat and Board Committees of decisions that have not been brought to the Board through a Committee process. Therefore, the Board delegates authority to the Chair of the Board Committee with jurisdiction over the matter addressed in that decision point, who shall consult with the Executive Director, to clarify any necessary follow up in relation to interpretation and its policy implications and to make recommendations on its staffing implications.

The Board requests the Finance and Audit Committee to incorporate in the process of developing a framework that guides review of Secretariat's annual budget and the evaluation of Global Fund's staffing as requested by the Board at its Fourteenth Board Meeting, a process for handling the recommendations on staffing implications in the event that the approved decision point results in a need for additional resources.