Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 13 November 2007

Revision of the Rolling Continuation Channel for Strongly-performing Grants

The Board refers to its decision at the Fourteenth Board Meeting (GF/B14/DP7) to establish the Rolling Continuation Channel as an alternative funding channel for strongly-performing grants that are reaching the end of their funding terms ("expiring grants").

As an interim measure, pending the implementation of the outcomes of the review of the Rolling Continuation Channel architecture, the Board:

  1. Decides to revise the Rolling Continuation Channel policy and procedures in regard to the role of the TRP and the avenues for recourse available to a CCM whose proposal is not recommended for funding after the first submission of a Rolling Continuation Channel proposal by:
    1. amending paragraph 12 of the decision point (GF/B14/DP9) entitled 'Establishment of a Rolling Continuation Channel' ("RCC decision point") as follows:

      12. All rolling continuation proposals shall undergo an independent technical review by the TRP. Such review shall ensure that only technically appropriate interventions are funded, with consideration to the fact that the proposal is intended to ensure continued funding for expiring grants that have met the qualification requirements set out in paragraph 3 above.
    2. amending paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Board Decision-Making Procedure for the Rolling Continuation Channel (GF/B15/DP19) as follows:

      7. The effect of a Board decision to approve a TRP recommendation shall be as follows:

      a. If the Board approves a TRP recommendations to fund a RCC proposal, that decision will constitute an approval of the entire term of such RCC proposal, with a financial commitment for the initial three (3) years of the RCC proposal, with funding for the second phase subject to the approval of the Board based on a mid-term review;

      b. If, after an initial submission of a given proposal under the RCC, the Board approves a TRP recommendation that the CCM resubmit a revised version of this proposal in the next wave of RCC proposals, the CCM shall have the option to:

      i. revise its proposal based on the issues identified by the TRP during the initial review of the proposal, and submit the revised proposal in the next wave of Rolling Continuation Channel proposals ("revised proposal"); or
      ii. file an appeal as described in paragraph c. below

      If the CCM submits a revised proposal, the procedure described in paragraphs 2-6 above will be followed.

      c. If the Board approves a TRP recommendation not to fund a proposal, the CCM may file an appeal of the decision not to approve the proposal in accordance with the Global Fund's Rules and Procedures for Appeals as the final avenue for recourse for the unsuccessful RCC proposal.

      8. If the Board decides not to approve a TRP recommendation to fund, the decision making process that applies following a Board objection to a TRP funding recommendation under the Phase 2 Decision-Making Policies and Procedures, as amended from time to time, will be followed. If the Board objects to a TRP recommendation not to fund, then the matter will be referred to the Board at its next Board meeting.
  2. Amends the description of 'Category 3' recommended proposals set out in Part 2 of Attachment 1 to the Terms of Reference of the Technical Review Panel by splitting 'Category 3' into two parts as follows

    Category 3a: (Applicable only upon initial submission) Not recommended for funding based on technical merit but strongly encouraged to resubmit a revised proposal, taking into account the issues raised by the TRP, for consideration in the next wave of Rolling Continuation Channel proposals.

    Category 3b: (Applicable only upon re-submission) Not recommended for funding based on technical merit but encouraged to resubmit through the Rounds-Based Channel following major revision
  3. Approves all 'Category 3' recommendations in the Wave 1 TRP Report as if such recommendations were designated 'Category 3a' and requests the Secretariat to notify the relevant CCMs promptly of this decision and the option to resubmit in time for the third wave of RCC proposals
  4. Delegates authority to the Secretariat to modify the Rolling Continuation Channel application forms and guidelines to give effect to these modified principles
  5. Approves the procedure for providing additional funding ("Rolling Continuation Channel Bridge Funding") for expiring grants as set out in Attachment 1 to Annex 3 of document GF/B16/6.