Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 13 November 2007

Roll-Out of Grant Consolidation

The Board refers to its decision1 to authorize the Secretariat to modify the application of existing policies to the extent necessary to consolidate grants on a pilot basis. Noting the update on the Secretariat's progress set out in the Policy and Strategy Committee document GF/PSC8/06, the Board reaffirms its commitment to achieving simplification and cost-efficiency in managing grants, and alignment with country systems, while maintaining adherence to the principle of performance-based funding. The Board accordingly delegates to the Secretariat the authority to:

  1. work with countries, on a voluntary basis, to consolidate existing and new grants where doing so would be consistent with the principles listed above;
  2. exercise flexibility in the application of existing policies, including but not limited to the Phase 2 Decision-Making and the Rolling Continuation Channel policies and procedures,where necessary, revising requirements that could inhibit grant consolidation; and
  3. approve bridge funding, in limited cases and for a period of no longer than nine months, by employing Phase 2 funds not yet approved by the Board, where necessary to allow for the alignment of end dates of grants that are being consolidated, provided that the amount of such bridge funding is reported to the Board on each occasion that it is approved.

The Board requests the Portfolio Committee to ensure that application forms and guidelines allow for the submission of consolidated applications through the Rounds-Based Channel and Rolling Continuation Channel.

Budgetary Implications

The budgetary implications of this decision point in 2008 are estimated to be up to US$ 1.2 million to fund up to 4.5 full-time equivalent Global Fund staff to prepare for consolidation and other administrative costs to support country processes.