Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 28 February 2008

Approval of Appeal Panel Funding Recommendations.

The Board approved for funding for an initial two years in the amounts indicated and subject to paragraph 2 below, the following Round 7 proposals that were recommended for funding by the Independent Appeal Panel in its report dated 8 February 2008:

  • Azerbaijan (Malaria) – Euro 2,544,154; 

  • Cambodia (Tuberculosis) – USD 8,707,480; and

  • Zambia (Tuberculosis) – USD 4,112,419.

With the clear understanding that the amounts indicated are upper ceilings subject to Technical Review Panel (TRP) clarifications and grant negotiations, rather than final approved grant amounts.

The applicants referred to in paragraph 1 above shall:

  • provide an initial detailed written response to the clarifications and adjustments requested by the Independent Appeal Panel by not later than six weeks after notification in writing by the Secretariat to the applicant of the Board’s decision; and
  • conclude the clarification process, as indicated by the written approval of the Chair or Vice Chair of the TRP not later than three months from the Secretariat’s receipt of the applicants initial detailed response to the issues raised for clarifications or adjustments.