Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 29 April 2008

Technical Review Panel Members and Alternate Members

The Board approves:

(a) Dr Fernando Del Castillo (HIV), Dr Ahmed Awad Adeel Adbel-Hameed (Malaria), Dr Omou Younoussa Bah-Sow (Tuberculosis), and Drs Beatriz Ayala-Ostrom, Grace Murindwa, Alison Heywood and Maggie Huff-Rouselle (Cross-Cutting) as Permanent Members of the TRP to serve up to four Rounds commencing from Round 8;

(b) On an exceptional basis, and to strengthen the TRP's expertise in health systems strengthening (HSS) pending a full replenishment of the TRP Support Group in 2009, two persons currently serving as members of the GAVI Alliance HSS Independent Review Committee, Dr Elsie Le Franc and Dr Bola Oyeledun; and

(c) In respect of calls for proposals made in 2008, the eighteen (18) persons identified as Alternate Members in the Report of the Portfolio Committee (GF/B17/5, Revision 1),

each of whom have been recommended by the Portfolio Committee and the Executive Director upon consideration of required technical expertise, as well as geographical distribution and gender balance.