Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 29 April 2008

Amendments to the TRP Terms of Reference

The Board amends Article 32 of the TRP Terms of Reference [GF/B15/7 Annex 2] as follows:

32. The TRP shall review each Rounds based proposal as a whole and not separately evaluate elements within a proposal, and recommend some to the Board for funding and not others. However, in reviewing a disease component which contains a cross-cutting HSS section, the TRP may recommend for funding either:

a. The entire disease component, including the cross-cutting HSS section;

b. The disease component excluding the cross-cutting HSS section; or

c. Only the cross-cutting HSS section if the interventions in that section materially contribute to overcoming health systems constraints to improved HIV, tuberculosis and malaria outcomes.

In addition, tThe TRP can recommend modification or even elimination of weak elements in an otherwise strong proposal where those weak elements are not a key or major aspect of the proposal.