Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 08 November 2008

Phased Roll-out of National Strategy Applications, with First Learning Wave

The Board refers to its decision (GF/B15/DP17) on National Strategy Applications ("NSAs"), requesting that the Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) recommend to the Board a plan and policies for bringing into operation a National-Strategy Applications procedure, based on the principles set forth in that decision. The Board reiterates its commitment to the development of a credible, shared validation approach for national strategies, which will form the basis of the NSA procedure once it becomes available.

To learn lessons with regard to other aspects of the NSA procedure, the Board authorizes the Secretariat to bring it into operation through a phased roll-out, which shall begin with a first wave of NSAs ("the First Learning Wave") in a limited number of countries. The First Learning Wave shall be aimed at drawing policy and operational lessons to inform a broader roll-out of the NSA procedure.

The principles underlying the Board's decisions on:

  • "dual-track financing" (as described in GF/B15/DP14);
  • the strategic approach to health systems strengthening (as described in GF/B15/DP6); and
  • the Comprehensive Funding Policy (GF/B15/DP27)

shall be applied to the First Learning Wave.

The initial funding of grants in the First Learning Wave shall be approved by the Board for a period that shall not exceed two years.

The Board authorizes the Secretariat to make exceptions to existing policies and procedures to the extent necessary to implement the First Learning Wave. Such exceptions may relate, but are not limited, to the following:

  1. The type and format of information to demonstrate eligibility of the NSAs;
  2. The submission and review procedures and policies for applications for Global Fund financing (including the timing of submission and the format of applications);
  3. The Technical Review Panel (TRP) terms of reference, including TRP procedures, compensation arrangements for TRP members, criteria for review of NSAs (including the national strategy itself) and interaction with CCM members and other relevant stakeholders during review; and
  4. The Phase 2 review (including the timing of the Phase 2 review and renewal decision).

Any exceptions to existing policies and procedures made in connection with the First Learning Wave shall be consistent with the Framework Document of the Global Fund.

In implementing the First Learning Wave, the Secretariat shall take into account the outcome of the deliberations of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board at its meeting in December 2008, the IHP+ consultations on the validation process and other relevant stakeholder consultations.

The Secretariat shall report to the PSC at its first meeting in 2009 on progress of implementation of the First Learning Wave. The TRP-recommended applications emanating from the First Learning Wave shall receive the same funding priority as proposals submitted under the Rounds-Based Channel (provided that, in a resource-constrained environment, precedence is given to previously approved but unfunded rounds-based proposals).

The Secretariat will also propose to the PSC, once they have been identified, modifications to existing Global Fund policies that would be necessary to launch a broader roll-out of the NSA procedure.

The authority granted to the Secretariat under this decision point will continue for the duration of the grants approved within the First Learning Wave.

Budgetary Implications

The budgetary implications of this decision point in 2009 amount to US$ 1,782,000 which includes an allocation for eight staff positions. (The cost will be covered by the budget contingency.)