Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 08 November 2008

International Task Team on HIV-related Travel Restrictions

The Board expresses its appreciation to UNAIDS and the International Task Team on HIV-related

Travel Restrictions for their work and its strong support for the overarching goal of the Task Team, to eliminate HIV specific restrictions related to entry stay and residence based on HIV status.

The Board takes note of the recommendations contained in GF-B18-12 Annex 1 and decides:

1. That no Board, Committee meeting, or Partnership Forum will be held in a country with an HIV-specific restriction related to entry, stay or residence based on HIV status; and

2. To support country-led efforts to review and eliminate laws, policies and practices related to HIV-specific restrictions on entry, stay and residence, through leadership, advocacy and appropriate partnerships at international, regional and national levels.

3. To work with partners to ensure countries have access to the latest guidance and information from normative agencies on this issue of HIV specific restrictions on entry, stay and residence.

The Board requests the relevant committees, based on the Task Team Report to provide recommended actions to the Board at its Nineteenth Meeting, in particular on how the Global Fund, through its policies and procedures, can finance country interventions that support the elimination of HIV-related restrictions.