Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 06 May 2009

Technical Review Panel (TRP) Partial Replenishment

The Board approves the appointment of the following:

1. to strengthen the TRP's cross-cutting expertise with a focus on gender and sexual minorities, Drs Ondina Leal, Tim Brown, Sarah Hawkes, Mabel Bianco and Katya Burns as members of the TRP Support Group;

2. Mr Tim Brown (HIV), Ms Daphne Toupozis (HIV), Mr Nomathemba Mazelani (HIV), Ms Hanem Zaher (Tuberculosis), Ms Ondina Leal (Cross-Cutting), Ms Mabel Bianco (Cross-Cutting), Mr George Gotsadze (Cross-Cutting) and Mr Tore Rose (Cross-Cutting) as Permanent Members of the TRP to serve up to four Rounds commencing from Round 9; and

3. in respect of calls for proposals made in 2009, the twelve (12) persons identified as Alternate Members in the Report of the Portfolio Committee (GF/B19/5 - Revision 1). 

each of whom have been recommended by the Portfolio Committee and the Executive Director upon consideration of required technical expertise, as well as geographical distribution and gender balance.