Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 06 May 2009

Delegated Authority for Signature

The Board authorizes the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board and the Executive Director to execute agreements on the Board's behalf. In the event the Executive Director is unavailable to exercise such authority, the Board authorizes each of the Deputy Executive Director, the Director of Country Programs and the Director of Corporate Services individually to execute agreements on the Board's behalf.

In addition, as necessary and appropriate for the fulfillment of the Executive Director's responsibilities for the day-to-day management of the operations of the Global Fund, the Board authorizes the Executive Director to issue proxies to Secretariat staff to execute agreements on behalf of the Global Fund in accordance with the Financial Rules and Regulations and requests the Executive Director to inform the FAC of his signature authority policy. 

This decision replaces the Board's decision at its Thirteenth Meeting regarding delegated authority to sign agreements.