Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 06 May 2009

Managing the Tension Between Demand and Supply in a Resource-Constrained Environment

Based on the updated Demand Scenarios and Resource Forecasts, the Board decides to establish a balanced Working Group with participation by Dr. Peter Godfrey-Faussett, the outgoing Chair of the TRP, to review the current policies that guide both resource mobilization and resource allocation and to develop a framework for managing the tension between resource demand and supply in a resource-constrained environment.

Upon the recommendation of the Board Chair and Vice-Chair, the Board approves the appointment of the following members of the Working Group:

1.Peter van Rooijen, as Co-ChairDeveloped Country NGO
2.Dr. Sigrun Mögedal, as Co-ChairPoint 7
3.Javier Hourcade BellocqCommunities
4.Dr. Agnes BinagwahoEastern and Southern Africa
5.Simon BlandUK/Australia
6.Amb. Patrice DebréFrance/Spain
7.Michelle Moloney-KittsUSA
8.Bill ParrWestern Pacific Region
9.Sujatha RaoSouth East Asia
10.Todd SummersPrivate Foundations
11.Dr. Ernest MessiahLatin America and the Caribbean
12.Enrico VicentiItaly

The Working Group is requested to:

1. provide recommendations for amendments of existing policies regarding prioritization for funding technically sound proposals in a resource-constrained environment, subject to review at the appropriate times;

2. provide recommendations, if possible, on future resource allocation policies, to be followed-up by the appropriate Board committee(s); and

3. present options for an increased and urgent resource mobilization effort.

The Working Group is requested to seek appropriate input during its deliberations, consult with PC, PSC and FAC, and report to the Board before its Twentieth Board Meeting in November 2009.