Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 06 May 2009

AMFm Governance

On the recommendation of the Board Chair and Vice Chair, the Board makes the following decisions with respect to the AMFm Ad Hoc Committee leadership and membership.

The Board decides that, in order to enable the new Board leadership to ensure appropriate balance, the leadership and membership of the AMFm Committee shall be renewed at the same time as all the other committees of the Board. The Board clarifies that the membership of the AMFm Committee is 10 voting members, plus representation by WHO, RBM and UNITAID.

The Board notes that the AMFm Committee Chair is resigning and approves the appointment of Professor Eyitayo Lambo as acting Chair of the AMFm Committee pending renewal of committee leadership and membership.

The Board notes that UNITAID has requested a role in the governance of AMFm. Recognizing UNITAID as a key partner in support of AMFm, the Board decides, as a one-time exception to the Committee Rules and Procedures and without setting a precedent, to request the Board Chair to invite the UNITAID Board to nominate a suitable representative to serve as Vice-Chair of the AMFm Committee. The appointment of the UNITAID Board representative shall be subject to the approval of the Board Chair and Vice Chair and the AMFm Committee Chair.