Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 06 May 2009

Procedure for the Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board

The Board agrees to delay the election of the Board Chair and Vice Chair until no later than 15 July, 2009.

The Board requests a group representing the entire Implementing Voting Group, with assistance from the Secretariat, to recommend candidate(s) from the Implementing Voting Group before the election vote. Each constituency within the Implementing Voting Group shall appoint a participant for this group.

The Implementing Voting Group will ensure that its constituency members are fully informed and receive clear explanations in relevant languages of the nomination and election process and will facilitate discussion and agreement on the candidate(s). 

The Board requests the Secretariat, supported by the Implementing Voting Group, to use other opportunities to explain the nomination and election process to delegations, such as at side meetings at the World Health Assembly, as well as efforts to directly inform individual delegations.

If there is only one recommended candidate for the Chair, the Board shall vote on the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair by electronic vote. If there is more than one recommended candidate, the Board shall vote on the election at a Special Board Meeting in person, combined with other business and with attendance limited to Board Members and Alternates. 

As an interim measure, the Board decides to extend the terms of

(a) the current Board Chair and Vice-Chair, until the new Board leadership is appointed; and

(b) the current leadership and membership of the existing committees until the Twentieth Board Meeting after which the new leadership and membership of the committees will be established.

The Board requests the current Chair and Vice-Chair to constitute the new Market Dynamics Committee with full consultation with all Board members.

The Board requests the Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) to review the procedures for nomination and election of the Board Chair and Vice-Chair taking into account lessons learned and report to the Board at its Twenty-First Meeting.

Budgetary Implications

If an in-person Special Board Meeting is required, the budgetary implications of this decision are estimated to be approximately US$180,000 for the Special Board Meeting.