Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 21 August 2009

Decision to Suspend the Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) until the Twentieh Board

The Board decides to suspend the Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) procedure for grant application until the Twentieth Board Meeting, at which time the matter will be reconsidered by the Board, other than as provided below. The Board requests the Secretariat to continue to process, using existing RCC policies:

  1. all RCC proposals that have previously been submitted; and
  2. all RCC proposals submitted in response to an invitation:

    1. to submit a new proposal as a result of the determination of qualification of a grant for RCC by the Secretariat prior to 1 August 2009; and
    2. to re-submit a proposal due to receipt of a recommendation from the Technical Review Panel of Category 3A.


The reference number of this decision was assigned post-factum.