Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 04 September 2009

Composition of the Ad Hoc Market Dynamic and Commodities Committee

The Board:

  1. Amends the composition of the Ad Hoc Market Dynamic and Commodities Committee (as set out in GF/B19/4, Attachment 4) as follows:…


    The proposed membership to include (8) 10 representatives of voting Board constituencies + WHO + World Bank UNAIDS + 2-4 external experts …

  2. Approves the appointment of the following members to the Ad Hoc Market Dynamic and Commodities Committee.
 Constituency Name  Role 
 1Private FoundationsDai Ellis Executive Vice President, Access Programs, Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative Chair
 2UNAIDSShanelle Hall Director, Supply Division, UNICEF  Vice-Chair 
 3Private SectorIan Boulton Managing Director, TropMed Pharma Consulting Member
 4Point 7Turid Kongsvik Counselor, Norwegian Permanent Mission to the Council of Europe Member
 5United KingdomSaul Walker Senior Policy Adviser (Access to Medicines), DFID, (AIDS expert) Member
 6United StatesMike Hope Senior Pharmacist, Office of HIV/AIDS, USAIDMember
 7Western and Central AfricaLazare Bansse General Manager, Central Purchasing of Essential and Generic Drugs, Burkina Faso and Permanent Secretary, Association of Central Purchasing of Essential Drugs, AfricaMember
 8Latin America and the CaribbeanCarl Browne Director, Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS Member
 9Developed Country NGOsMohga Kamal-Yanni Senior Health and HIV Policy Advisor, Oxfam Member
 10Eastern EuropeTonka Varleva, Secretary, National Committee for Prevention of AIDS and STIs, Bulgaria Member
 11Western Pacific Lin-hua Tang Director, National Institute of Parasitic Disease, China, (malaria expert) Member
 Non-voting member
 12WHO Rob Matiru Chief of Operations, Global Drug Facility, (TB expert) Member


The reference number of this decision was assigned post-factum.