Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 18 September 2009

Approval of Funding Recommendations (Phase 2)

The Board approves additional funding for the Phase 2 period for the proposals listed in Schedule A in the amounts indicated for each proposal, with the clear understanding that the amounts approved are upper ceilings rather than final funding amounts, and based on an understanding that the Secretariat shall pursue ongoing implementation arrangements for each proposal consistent with the recommendations set forth in its Grant Scorecard.

The Board reaffirms that the maximum funding amount for Phase 2 of each proposal shall be the sum of the amount approved by this decision and the amount of any funds approved for Phase 1 which have not been disbursed by the Global Fund at the end of the Phase 1 period.


  1. Belarus, TB – Round 6
    Grant Number: BLR-607-G02-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 7,488,285
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 7,468,729
    Recommendation Category: Go

  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: BIH-607-G02-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 3,088,672
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 3,088,672
    Recommendation Category: Go

  3. Burkina Faso, HIV Round 6
    Grant Number: BUR-607-G06-H Euro
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 23,770,535(1)
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): Euro 19,780,000 = US$ 28,210,236(1)
    Recommendation Category: Go

  4. Iraq, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: IRQ-607-G01-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 8,110,000
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 8,056,257
    Recommendation Category: Go

  5. Moldova, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: MOL-607-G02-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 5,871,489
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 5,500,000
    Recommendation Category: Go

  6. Papua New Guinea, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: PNG-607-G03-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 16,267,739(2)
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 14,185,291
    Recommendation Category: Go

  7. Peru, HIV Round 6
    Grant Number: PER-607-G05-H
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 10,847,949
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 9,256,222
    Recommendation Category: Go

  8. Romania, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: ROM-607-G04-T Euro
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 4,050,099 (1)
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): Euro 3,555,623 = US$5,071,030(1)
    Recommendation Category: Go

  9. Thailand, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: THA-607-G07-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 5,319,698
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 4,334,035
    Recommendation Category: Go

  10. Thailand, TB Round 6
    Grant Number: THA-607-G08-T
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 5,342,916
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 4,514,102
    Recommendation Category: Go

  11. Tunisia, HIV Round 6
    Grant Number: TUN-607-G01-H
    CCM Requested Amount (Total Phase 2 in US$): 7,013,846
    Approved Funding Amount (Incremental in US$): 6,614,846
    Recommendation Category: Conditional Go 

    Total US$96,299,420


(1) The Burkina Faso Round 6 HIV and Romania Round 6 TB proposals were approved in Euro and the respective CCMs have requested Phase 2 funding in Euro. To give the Board the most up-to-date picture of what the EUR/USD equivalent is at the time of the Phase 2 submission, the recommended incremental funding amount has been computed in USD using the rate of exchange that is published by the International Monetary Fund on its website on 4 September 2009, 2009 (Euro1 = US$1.4262).

(2) The column “CCM Requested Amount” is provided for reference only. The figures with the superscript (2) in this column represent CCM requested amounts which exceeded the limit of the original Phase 2 amount (i.e. [Lifetime proposal amount (adjusted)] – [Phase 1 grant agreement amount]. The Secretariat received comments from the Private Sector Delegation. The comments will be taken into account during grant negotiations.Next Steps: The Secretariat will begin negotiations immediately for the extension of the grants listed in Schedule A.


The reference number of this decision was assigned post-factum.