Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 11 November 2009

Approval of AMFm Phase 1 Applications

The Board approves those AMFm Phase 1 applications recommended for approval by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) as 'Category 1' and 'Category 2', as listed in Annex 1 to the Report of the Technical Review Panel and Secretariat on AMFm Applications (GF/B20/10), subject to paragraphs 2-3 below. The Board's approval is for re-programmed and new grant funding (as the case may be) for a full two-year period for each AMFm Phase 1 application and is not subject to prioritization.

The applicants whose applications are recommended for approval as 'Category 2' shall:

a. provide an initial detailed written response to the requested TRP clarifications and adjustments by not later than four weeks after receipt of notification in writing by the Secretariat of the Board's funding decision; and

b. conclude the TRP clarifications process, as indicated by the written approval of the Chair and Vice Chair of the TRP, not later than 31 January 2010.

For those applications recommended for approval as 'Category 2', if the TRP clarification process is not concluded to the satisfaction of the TRP by the deadline stipulated in paragraph b above, the AMFm application in its entirety will be deemed not approved.

The Board declines to approve for funding those applications recommended by the TRP as 'Category 3' as indicated in Annex 1 in GF/B20/10.