Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 11 November 2009

Round 3 HIV Grant in Russian Federation

The Board recognizes that:

i. the Round 3 Russian Federation HIV/AIDS grant to Open Health Institute entitled "Stimulating an Effective National Response to HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation" (RUS-304-G01-H) (the "OHI Grant") expired on 31 August 2009;

ii. in addition to provision of treatment services, the OHI Grant has provided support for lifesaving prevention services for populations in the Russian Federation that are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS through the work of non-governmental organizations;

iii. under the current income eligibility policies of the Global Fund, the Russian Federation is not eligible for funding for HIV/AIDS funding; 

iv. the income eligibility policies of the Global Fund will be reviewed by the Portfolio and Implementation Committee in 2010 for approval by the Board at its second meeting in 2010; and

v. the Russian Federation has contributed USD$ 225,852,403 to the Global Fund, and has supported other programs for HIV in Russia.

The Board recognizes the role of the Russian government leadership in developing efficient national policies and providing a long term, sustainable response to HIV, and calls on the Russian Federation to expand investment in these life-saving, evidence-based services to vulnerable populations.

In recognition of the emergency situation of the lifesaving prevention activities supported by the OHI Grant being discontinued, the Board approves:

a. an extension, on an extraordinary basis, to 31 December 2011 of the term of the OHI Grant (the "Extension Term"); and

b. continued emergency funding for lifesaving prevention services in an amount of up to USD$ 24 million for the Extension Term, in order to continue the same activities as currently being implemented under OHI Grant. 

The Board requests that the Secretariat continues discussions with the government of the Russian Federation on the HIV epidemic in Russian and their role as a donor to the Global Fund.