Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 11 March 2010

Approval of Phase 2 Funding for March 2010

The Board approves additional funding for the Phase 2 period for the proposals listed in Schedule A in the amounts indicated for each proposal, with the clear understanding that the amounts approved are upper ceilings rather than final funding amounts, and based on an understanding that the Secretariat shall pursue ongoing implementation arrangements for each proposal consistent with the recommendations set forth in its Grant Scorecard. Approval is also subject to paragraph 3.c. of the revised Comprehensive Funding Policy (GF/B20/DP9).7

The Board reaffirms that the maximum funding amount for Phase 2 of each proposal shall be the sum of the amount approved by this decision and the amount of any funds approved for Phase 1 which have not been disbursed by the Global Fund at the end of the Phase 1 period.

See attached tabledetailing total recommended funding amount8 of US$ 56,930,178 for the following grants: CIV-607-G07-T ; ETH-607-G06-T ; EGY-608-G03-H ; GNB-607-G04-M ; MKD-708-G03-H ; SRL-607-G09-H ; SRL-607-G07-T ; ZIM-509-G09-M


7 Where the Board approves additional funding for a period greater than two years, the Secretariat is required to commit that additional funding limited to two years. A third year of additional funding may subsequently be committed by the Secretariat, not earlier than eighteen months from the start of additional funding, conditional upon the availability of funding

8 The Macedonia FYR Round 6 HIV proposal was approved in Euro and the CCM has requested Phase 2 funding in Euro. To give the Board the most up-to-date picture of what the EUR/USD equivalent is at the time of the Phase 2 submission, the recommended incremental funding amount has been computed in USD using the rate of exchange that is published at on 1 March 2010 (Euro1 = US$ 1.36269).