Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 30 April 2010

Health Systems Funding Platform

The Board affirms the critical importance of strong health systems to achieve the Global Fund's mandate to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

The Board endorses an incremental approach to coordinated health systems strengthening investments under Track 1 and Track 2 as presented by the Secretariat in GF/PSC13/03 in collaboration with partners.

The Board requests the Secretariat to continue rapid implementation of Track 1.

The Board requests the Secretariat to continue, based on consultations at country level, implementation of Track 2 Option 1 through the development of a joint proposal form with GAVI as described in GF/PSC13/03. The joint proposal form would be approved by the PIC (as per current policy) for use as soon as possible, no later than Round 11. Any funding proposals using this new joint proposal form would be subject to TRP review and Board approval processes.

The Board requests further work on Track 2 Option 2 such that funding requests emanating from a pilot in 4-5 countries could be approved by the Board at the same time as it approves Round 11. The Board requests that in the interim, its Policy and Strategy Committee review and approve the pilot's design at its meeting in late 2010. 

The Board requests the Secretariat to increase dialogue with partners, and develop a communications strategy and mechanisms for building health systems capacity at country level as part of the implementation and to regularly provide updates to the PSC.

The Board endorses the current scope of Global Fund HSS support as the scope for Global Fund HSS support within the Platform. This will help to achieve outcomes for the three diseases and improve progress towards achieving MDGs 4, 5 and 6.

The Board requests TERG to oversee the independent evaluation of the Joint Platform.