Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 30 April 2010

Membership of the Ethics Committee and Amendments to the Ethics Committee’s Terms of Reference

The Board approves the appointment of the Dr Aishath Shiham from the South East Asia Constituency as a member of the Ethics Committee until the adjournment of the first Board meeting of 2011.

The Board also approves the amendments to the Ethics Committee's Terms of Reference as follows:


Ethics Committee (EC)

  • Develop and promote on an ongoing basis a values and integrity framework, and provide guidance and information on the related policies including the Policy on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Global Fund Institutions (CoI Policy), and all codes of conduct;
  • Provide oversight for ethical and related reputational risks;
  • Oversee the CoI Policy and its implementation, and advise the bodies and staff of the Global Fund on conflict of interest and ethics issues;
  • Resolve differences in the interpretation of conflict of interest;
  • At its discretion, bring any conflict issue it may consider necessary to the Board for discussion and determination;
  • Take such other actions as are consistent with the Global Fund Bylaws, Board Operating Procedures, COI Policy and a values and integrity framework, as are necessary and appropriate for achieving the objectives of the Committee;
  • Review the Secretariat's bi-annual report of secondment staff appointments;
  • Keep appropriate written records of its activities; and
  • Report annually to the Foundation Board.