Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 07 May 2010

Criteria for Exceptions to the Salary Threshold

The Board refers to GF/B21/DP10 and decides that in cases where an exception is sought to the threshold, the Remuneration Group shall consider approval based on written justification provided by the Executive Director as specified below:

  1. An explanation as to how the selection of the Grade and positioning in the band of the proposed salary has been established according to the Global Fund‘s remuneration policy and procedures.
  2. A comprehensive rationale as to why this exceptional salary is deemed necessary and appropriate based on the candidate‘s professional qualifications, experience, comparison with the market or other specific qualifications. The rationale may also include, as necessary, managerial considerations that relate to the specific needs of the Secretariat.
  3. An explanation of the efforts that have been undertaken to identify qualified alternative candidates that may have accepted a salary below the threshold or justify why such efforts were not deemed possible and/or appropriate.
  4. A risk assessment addressing the potential negative impact of approval of the salary, including the risk of setting a precedent, creating a trend towards a general increase in the levels of remuneration and the potential reputational risks for the Global Fund.