Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 14 May 2010

Secretariat’s request to the Board with respect to an extension of time to fulfill a ‘Condition’ - Gabon

The Board acknowledges that, due to unforeseen delays in program implementation as well as political disturbances in Gabon, the condition 1b. upon which the Board approved the Round 5 malaria grant to the Government of Gabon (GAB-509-G04-M) will not be fulfilled by its current deadline of 19 May 2010. The Board decides to revise this condition 1b to read:

"Within 16 months of signing the Phase 2 extension, a Global Fund internal performance review shall be carried out to assess programmatic and management (including financial) performance of the grant. If the results of this review are not satisfactory to the Global Fund, the grant shall be terminated."