Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 August 2010

Extension of time to fulfil a ‘Condition’ – Multi-Country Africa (MAW-607-G01-H)

The Board refers to condition number 2 in its decision approving as a "Conditional Go" the Phase 2 of the Round 6 HIV grant of Multi-Country Africa (MAW-607-G01-H) ("Condition 2") which states that:

"Not later than 31 August 2010 and based on programmatic and financial data from 30 months of implementation (ie 28 Feb 2010) an independent evaluation of the program should be conducted to assess: a) the effectiveness and efficiency of the program activities, including M&E activities - compared with having the same activities funded under the national programs; b) the regional coordinating mechanism that has been put in place to allow patients to be transferred to different sites to access treatment in a coordinated way across the 5 countries; and, c) whether the grant activities and budget overlap with, duplicate, or are complementary to activities and funding covered by national programs. Funding for Years 4 and 5 of the program shall be subject to the Global Fund‘s satisfactory review of the results of the evaluation."

The Board decides to extend the deadline in Condition 2 from 31 August 2010 to 17 October 2010 to allow the Secretariat adequate time to review the independent evaluation report.