Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 20 August 2010

Technical Review Panel Recruitment 2010-2012

The Board approves the appointment of the following:

  1. Anupong Chitwarakorn (HIV/AIDS), Stephen Mills (HIV/AIDS), Anthony David Harries (Tuberculosis), Frank Adae Bonsu (Tuberculosis), Daniel Tarantola (Cross-cutting), Mari Nagai (Cross-cutting), Lev Khodakevich (Cross-cutting), Claudia Surjadjaja (Cross-cutting) and Lucie Blok (Cross-cutting) as Permanent Technical Review Panel (TRP) Members to serve for up to four Rounds commencing from Round 10;
  2. In respect of Round 10, the twenty (20) persons identified as Alternate Members as presented in Annex 1 of this Report (B21/EDP/18); and
  3. The membership of the Technical Review Panel Support Group (as presented in Annex 1 of this Report (B21/EDP/18)), comprising the pool of experts from which TRP membership will be replenished in the event of TRP vacancies as they may arise.

Each Permanent TRP, Alternate and Support Group Member has been recommended by the Portfolio and Implementation Committee and the Executive Director of the Global Fund Secretariat.