Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 December 2010

Review of the Eligibility and Cost Sharing Policy

The Board refers to its decision at the Sixteenth Board Meeting to review the Income Level and Cost Sharing Criteria for determining eligibility for funding (GF/B16/DP18). 

The Board acknowledges the progress made by the joint Portfolio Implementation Committee (PIC) and Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) working group (the 'Joint PIC-PSC Working Group') in reviewing such criteria and the prioritization rules which are to be applied where there are insufficient resources to finance all proposals approved for funding ('Prioritization Rules'). 

The Board recognizes the complexities of the review and acknowledges that further analysis needs to be undertaken by the Joint PIC-PSC Working Group to present more clearly defined options for the PSC and PIC to consider at a joint meeting in March 2011.

The Board requests the PSC and PIC to present recommendations to the Board at the Twenty-Third Board Meeting regarding the outcome of its review of the Income Level and Cost-Sharing Criteria and Prioritization Rules.