Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 February 2011

Extension to the grant signing deadline for Round 9 “Category 2B” proposals

The Board extends the deadline for the signing of grant documentation for the proposals listed in Table 1 for three months to 20 May 2011.

Table 1: Extension of grant signing deadline for four grants in three countries

No  Country, Disease, Round Grant informationDeadline for signature 
 1Central African Republic, TB, Round 9

Principal Recipient: Ministry of Public Health, Population and the fight against HIV/AIDS

Total approved amount: Euros 20,972,227 over five years

Phase 1 approved upper ceiling: Euros 8,961,795

20 May 2011
 2Nigeria, TB, MDR-TB Component, Round 9

 Principal Recipient: IHVN

Total amount: US$ 113,332,101 over five years

Phase 1 (total): US$ 31,515,160

Phase 1 (MDR TB component): US$ 9,002,945

20 May 2011
 3Democratic Republic of Congo, Round 9 TB/HSS
(2 grants)

Principal Recipients: i) Ministry of Health and ii) CARITAS

Total amount (over 5 years): US$ 275,383,647

Phase 1: US$ 100,261,325

20 May 2011