Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 31 October 2011

Procedure for Rolling Continuation Channel Mid-Term Performance Reviews and Extensions

The Board decides that for all Rolling Continuation Channel grants which are not consolidated into Single Streams of Funding (“RCC Grants”),

  1. the Phase 2 Decision Making Policies and Procedures (GF/B16/DP16, Document GF/B16/7 Revision 1, Attachment 1, Section 3)(“PDMPP”) shall be applied to RCC Grants, subject to the following:
    1. Paragraph 5 of the PDMPP shall be amended to read as follows: “The Phase 2 decisions will typically be taken on the basis of the reported results of a program as of the end of the 18th month of implementation, or the 24th month in the case of Rolling Continuation Channel (“RCC”) programs, and the Secretariat‟s recommendations that are made up to 23 months, or 30 months in the case of RCCs programs, after the Program Starting Date/Phase 1 Starting Date/ RCC I Starting Date (exceptions could include for situations of force majeure). The decision may be taken earlier in cases of (i) accelerated implementation; or (ii) severe exchange rate fluctuations.”; and
    2. The provisions of the PDMPP relating to extensions shall not apply to RCC Grants.
  2. the “Exceptional Extensions” section under paragraph 17 of the Periodic Reviews and Commitments Policy (Annex 2a, version 2, to GF/B20/4 “Report of the Policy and Strategy Committee” and approved under GF/B20/DP31) shall be applied to RCC Grants.
  3. the Secretariat may extend the term of Phase 1 of an RCC Grant by up to six months to allow for flexibility in aligning the grant with in-country cycles and/or to facilitate the transition of the grant to a single stream of funding agreement. Any such extension will not alter the overall end date of the Board-approved proposal.

This decision does not have material budgetary implications for the 2011 Operating Expenses Budget.